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Dubai's Leading Audi Interior Paint Workshop

Welcome to Speed Wheels, Dubai’s premier destination for Audi interior paint solutions! At Speed Wheels, we understand the importance of personalized Audi  interior. That’s why we offer an exclusive range of high-quality Audi interior paints designed to enhance the aesthetic of your car. Whether you’re looking to refresh an aging interior or customize a new model, our expert team of Audi interior paint specialists is committed to providing the finest finishes to meet your every need.

Our Portfolio

Audi Interior Paint Specialists

At Speed Wheels, we’re proud to be recognized as the leading Audi interior paint specialists in Dubai. We ensure that every Audi we service not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of aesthetics and quality. From restoring Audi interior faded colors to customizing unique new hues, our team uses only the best materials and techniques to transform your Audi’s interior. Trust us to enhance the beauty and value of your Audi with a professional, flawless finish that reflects your personal style and sophistication.

car intrerior paint specialists

Common Audi Interior Paint Issues We Resolve

At Speed Wheels, we are dedicated to resolving common Audi interior paint issues, ensuring each car regains its sophisticated appearance. Our services address Audi interior fading and Audi interior discoloration, Audi interior scratches, Audi interior peeling paint, Audi interior stains, Audi interior chipping, Audi interior wear and tear, and color mismatches with unmatched precision and quality. We restore your Audi’s interior to its original glory, enhancing both its aesthetic and your driving experience.

Our Comprehensive Audi Interior Paint Services Tailored to Perfection

At Speed Wheels, we specialize in customizing and enhancing the interiors of Audi vehicles with high-quality, durable paint finishes that breathe new life into every component. Our skilled professionals are passionate about transforming your Audi into a masterpiece of personal expression and luxury.

Our Comprehensive Audi Interior Painting Services Include:

1. Audi Dashboard Paint: 

Reinvent your driving experience with a freshly painted dashboard that stands out with elegance and class.

2. Audi Center Console Paint: 

We bring a new level of sophistication to your center console, ensuring every detail from the gear shift to the cup holders is impeccably finished.

3. Audi Door Panels Paint: 

Elevate the aesthetics of your interior with beautifully painted door panels, tailored to match or contrast with the overall theme of your Audi.

4. Audi Air Vent Surrounds Paint: 

Add a pop of color or a sleek, subtle finish to the air vent surrounds, enhancing the intricate details of your vehicle’s design.

5. Audi Steering Wheel Paint: 

We offer specialized painting services for steering wheel components to complement the dynamic interior styling.

6. Audi Trim Pieces Paint: 

From glossy finishes to matte looks, our painting services extend to all trim pieces across your Audi, ensuring a cohesive and attractive interior.

7. Audi Glove Box Handle Paint: 

Even the smallest details like the glove box handle can be customized to perfect your car’s interior appearance.

8. Audi Instrument Panel Surrounds Paint: 

Our team meticulously paints the instrument panel surrounds, boosting the visual appeal of your vehicle’s cockpit.

9. Audi Seat Frames Paint: 

Though not commonly requested, we can artistically paint visible seat frames to match the newly styled aesthetic of your Audi’s interior.

10. Audi Gear Shift Knob Paint: 

Customize the gear shift knob with exceptional painting to make every aspect of your driving experience uniquely yours.

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