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Dubai's Leading Audi Upholstery Workshop

Welcome to Speed Wheels, your premier destination for top-tier Audi upholstery services in Dubai. At Speed Wheels, we specialize in transforming your Audi’s interior with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials available. Whether you’re looking to refresh an aging interior, Audi upholstery repair damage, or customize Audi upholstery with a luxurious new look, our skilled Audi specialists are equipped to provide upholstery service tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Portfolio

Audi Upholstery Specialists

At Speed Wheels, we are proud to be recognized as the leading Audi upholstery specialists in Dubai. Our dedicated team of experts brings years of experience and a passion for perfection to every project, ensuring that your Audi receives the utmost care and attention. Specializing in a wide range of Audi upholstery services—from minor Audi upholstery repairs to complete Audi upholstery overhauls—we use only the highest quality materials to enhance your vehicle’s comfort and elegance.

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Common Audi Upholstery Issues We Resolve

At Speed Wheels, we understand that the luxurious interior of your Audi is crucial to your driving experience, which is why we are dedicated to resolving a wide range of common Audi upholstery issues. From Audi wear and tear in leather seats, sun damage, and persistent Audi upholstery odors, to sagging Audi headliners and worn Audi door panels, we use the latest techniques and highest quality materials to bring your Audi’s interior back to its pristine condition. Whether it’s restoring the elegant appearance of your Audi dashboard, removing Audi upholstery stubborn stains, or customizing your Audi upholstery with bespoke details, Speed Wheels guarantees to enhance both the comfort and value of your Audi with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our Comprehensive Audi Upholstery Repair Services Tailored to Perfection

At Speed Wheels, we offer a comprehensive range of specialized Audi upholstery services designed to maintain the luxury and comfort of your vehicle. We are equipped with the latest tools and employ highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about delivering precision and excellence in every detail. Here’s what we offer for your Audi:

1. Audi Leather Seat Repair and Restoration: 

Our experts are adept at restoring your Audi’s leather seats, repairing any scratches, tears, or color fading to bring back their pristine condition.

2. Audi Custom Leather Upholstery: 

Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to customize your Audi’s interior with our top-quality leather upholstery services. Whether restoring to factory specifications or creating a unique look, we have you covered.

3. Audi Fabric Seat Repair: 

We repair damage to fabric seats including tears, burns, and general wear, and provide deep cleaning services to eliminate stains and odors.

4. Audi Seat Re-padding: 

Improve your driving comfort with our seat re-padding service. We use high-grade foam to ensure your seats provide the best support and retain their shape.

5. Audi Headliner Repair: 

Don’t let a sagging or torn headliner detract from your Audi’s interior. Our team can repair or replace your headliner, matching it perfectly with the existing interior.

6.Audi Door Panel Upholstery: 

Refresh the look and feel of your Audi’s door panels through our expert upholstery services, enhancing both style and durability.

7. Audi Dashboard Repair: 

We specialize in meticulous dashboard repairs, fixing cracks, warping, or other damages while maintaining the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior.

8.Audi Convertible Top Repair and Replacement: 

Our services include the repair or replacement of convertible tops, ensuring flawless operation and impeccable style.

9. Audi Custom Embroidery and Detailing: 

Add a personal touch to your Audi with our custom embroidery and detailing services, perfect for personalizing your vehicle to your tastes.

10. Audi Upholstery Cleaning and Conditioning: 

Extend the life and appearance of your Audi’s interior with our thorough cleaning and conditioning services, designed to protect and preserve.

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