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With increase in traffic and extreme temperatures, it is inevitable for your car to experience wear and tear. A vehicle is not immortal, it ages. The transmission undergoes wear and tear over time, as the fluid becomes thinner and contaminated. As a result, its performance deteriorates over time.

At SpeedWheels Car Transmission Service provider in Dubai, we offer maintenance services that ensure your transmission stays in road-ready condition. Our transmission specialists offer the best service that ensures smooth shifting, better vehicle performance, last longer and reduce the risk of mechanical and component failure.

A transmission is a mechanism that allows you to change the speed or torque of a rotating shaft. Most transmissions in vehicles contain at least two gears, which are connected by a gearbox. These gears allow you to change the speed and torque of the drive shaft, which turns your wheels. There are many types of transmission systems available on the market today, but they all serve the same purpose: to provide power from your engine to your wheels while allowing you to select different speeds and torque settings.

A transmission wear can be difficult to identify for some car owners. The good news is that there are some common signs you can watch out for, which will help you catch transmission problems before they get worse and more expensive to fix:-

● Weird smells.
● Your vehicle is hard to start and then runs rough on acceleration.
● Difficulty shifting gears into reverse, drive, or park.
● A delay in shifting between gears.
● Transmission slipping Slipping in and out of gear between shifts.
● Clunking sounds in the transmission.
● Slipping or jerking when you accelerate, especially in stop-and-go traffic or at low speeds.


Stop the search on a transmission service provider in Dubai, UAE at SpeedWheels. A reliable auto repair shop that is providing our customers with the efficient car transmission services. Our mission is simple: to provide the most reliable, highest quality repairs and maintenance for all types of vehicles, from buses to trucks and cranes. And we accomplish this by using only the most skilled mechanics who have years of experience working on different models and brands.

SpeedWheels transmission specialists will rebuild your vehicle's transmission after a crash or other damage, keep it running smoothly with preventative maintenance and repairs, and fix all kinds of transmission problems—from minor issues to major malfunctions.

SpeedWheels complete transmission service includes:

● A full inspection of your vehicle's transmission system.
● Removing, examining and cleaning the sump or pan (where possible).
● Providing a new or cleaned screen and/or filter.
● Cleaning the pan and installing a new gasket in the pan (if needed).
● Draining out the old fluid and replacing it with fresh, high-quality ATF.
● Friction modifier or additive package addition that is suited to the properties of the component model.

Expert Transmission Maintenance Do's & Don'ts:

Do be sure to check your fluid levels monthly, especially if you have a manual transmission. Do not drive a vehicle if the transmission fluid is low or nonexistent.
Do note it's important to have transmission fluid levels checked when you change your engine oil.
Don’t forget about the transmission's differential. It needs a lubricant too!
Do use synthetic oil if your vehicle requires it, but be sure not to overfill the transmission.
Don’t let your transmission get too hot before refilling it with coolant, or it could damage the seals and gaskets.
Do not spin the wheels of a car when it is making a turn, especially if that car has front-wheel drive.
It is not advisable to drive with your vehicle’s 4×4 mode engaged on dry pavement unless the vehicle is equipped with all-wheel or automatic 4×4 drive.
Never drive on a spare tire or mismatched tires for long periods.


It's no secret that trouble with your car's transmission can be a real hassle. At SpeedWheels Auto Repair Garage, we're here to help you get back on the road quickly and easily. We provide hassle-free car transmission repair services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and offer you experts in repairing all kinds of car transmission problems, including gearbox overhaul, transmission diagnosis and inspection, reprogramming and replacement.

Our team of qualified car transmission specialists will ensure that your engine cooling system is optimal and working properly after the repair. Book an appointment at our auto repair shop and get your Car transmission repaired at a dedicated repair shop that offers quality assurance and convenience. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us via (phone number/email address).


Transmission fluid needs to be changed every 40,000 miles or every three years, whichever comes first. The transmission's filter should also be changed at this interval. The transmission system is made up of many parts, so it’s important to have a professional diagnose any problems that arise. If you observe any signs that your transmission is not working properly (such as difficulty shifting gears), or if you see fluid leaking underneath the car, have it inspected immediately. Regular transmission fluid changes will improve performance and extend the life of your car's transmission.

If you don't get automatic transmission service, you risk damaging your car. The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in your car has a number of important jobs to do. It keeps gears moving smoothly and works to lubricate parts that need lubrication, such as the pump, valves and clutches. Without this fluid, those components will grind against each other and eventually wear out. When there isn’t enough ATF in your car, these systems can wear out prematurely and result in costly repairs.

If you have a manual transmission, the condition of your transmission fluid is an important part of ensuring that your vehicle's transmission performs well. You should check it regularly and change it as needed. Driving habits also play a role in how your vehicle performs. If you drive in stop-and-go traffic or accelerate heavily, this can put strain on the transmission and cause it to wear out faster than normal. Towing or excessive loads can also affect your transmission performance. In particular, if you tow heavy loads often, it will put more strain on the engine because of increased power requirements. This adds stress to the whole drivetrain system and could cause damage if not managed properly. Operating conditions like temperature extremes can cause problems as well—if you operate your vehicle at very high or low temperatures frequently, this will affect how well the transmission works. Frequency of regular maintenance is an important factor as well—if you don't keep up with regular maintenance such as fluid changes or filter replacements, this can contribute to premature wear on your vehicle's transmission system.

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